Thursday, June 25, 2009

Disney and Re-adopt

We got back from Disney several days ago and took a few days to unwind before I updated the blog and talked about the great vacation we had. I also have become slack about posting even more so because I figure I don't even know if people still read this stuff or not. Either way at least we know the girls could read this when they get older and remember some of the experiences they had.
Disney was a great trip. Lennah is at that age where she gets things and loved going on rides and meeting the characters. She became fixated on the Dumbo ride which of course is one of the longest waits in Disney but we sucked it up and did it.
The first part of our trip was spent with me catching up with family that I had not seen in many years since they had moved to Florida quite some time ago and we all lost touch so that was nice getting to see them. We also spent our first day at Disney at Blizzard Beach. This first day was interesting because I guess I should rebuke the claim that no one reads our blog because at the kiddie area a lady approaches me and tells me she reads our blog. It turns out that her little girl was from an orphanage called Kien Gang in Vietnam and she had read our blog because she read the Crow Family's blog who traveled with us. I thought that was pretty cool. You never know who you may run into or meet hundreds of miles from home.
Everyday we had some sort of character meal which Delylah was not fond of at first. She would shake her head and yell no when the characters approached her. She eventually got over her shyness and fear and by the end of the trip was hugging them good-bye like her big sister was doing.
We had a great trip the only problem with going with little ones is bed time. Try being cramped in one room at night and trying to get both kids to bed (not an enjoyable part of traveling).
We cannot wait to take a trip like this again when the kids are bigger and will actually remember the trip. We know when all was said and spent it was so worth it to see the big grin on Lennah's face when she experienced a ride or met a new character.

Today was a big day because we officially re-adopted Delylah. In Ethiopia the adoption of your child takes place before you actually meet them so you have to re-adopt in order for them to become a citizen and to change their name. So today we had our day in court and Delylah officially because Delylah Aviella Paulsen.