Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Almost 2 months

Wow! I cannot believe I have not made a post in almost two months. We have had some wonderful times in the past several weeks. A few weeks ago we met up with two other families with children from Vietnam. This was a wonderful experience. It was also amazing how we run into people as well since one of the families we had actually met in Vietnam at the airport in Hanoi while we were waiting to return home. The girls had a great time and it was wonderful to see Lennah get to hang out with other children who have found their forever families who are from Vietnam.
We have also had an Ethiopian get together at a local restaurant to celebrate Delylah's heritage. It was wonderful to see so many families together with all their children. The girls had a great time playing but were not so into the Ethiopian food. Next time I think we will be packing a lunch for the girls. We also had a cribmate reunion while we were there. It is amazing to watch three beautiful children who were together in Ethiopia, in a crib, growing up together in Atlanta.
With Halloween approaching we also took a family day and headed to a pumpkin patch. I have to say this was one of the best ones that we had been to. The kids loved playing with the animals and just running around. These are the best times when Keith and I could take the kids out for the day and just spend some time hanging out watching the kids enjoy themselves.
As for the girls in general they are growing like weeds. Delylah is talking up a storm and is so cute when she strings her words together. Today when my dad was leaving she said Bye Bye Big Ba. It was too cute. Lennah is learning away learning letters and numbers and not to mention that Delylah is learning along with her. When we count with Lennah, Delylah will yell out the numbers she knows. When we say five she says six.
Lennah has also become the little helper. She helps me bake cookies and even tries to help with the laundry. Other than that the girls are doing great and it has been a fun past two months.