Sunday, December 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Taite

Taite is 2 years old today. We wish we could be with her and we could be celebrating together. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Little one you will be home soon!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Growing Up and Catching Up

 Most recent photos of Taite

It has been awhile since I last posted so I figured I would play a bit of catch up. This month has been super busy; as well as last. Between Thanksgiving and birthdays, then to top it off we have Christmas ahead we are zonked. I guess I will back track to Heather's birthday since I now realize that we never put it up. Heather turned 15 on October 15th. We had a small quiet day at the house to celebrate since she still only has a small cluster of friends. She was just happy that our family was there to celebrate and she finally got a cell phone. It took me awhile to give into the electronics but I figured that it would help her mature a bit and at 15 she is growing up. I think I have a hard time with the big kids growing up because we have only had them a short while and it seems like we will blink and there time with us will be gone. I don't mean their time with us as if they were going away I just mean there time living with us and us guiding them into adulthood is happening so fast. We also got to spend some quality mom and daughter time watching Breaking Dawn 2. We may be years apart but at least we both share the same love of twilight.

We also celebrated Lennah's birthday right before Thanksgiving. It is hard when you have a December birthday and you have to work around holiday parties and such. Now that big girl is 6 she was very adamant about having a birthday at the American Girl store. We figured we would keep it small and she got to take two of her friends with their moms. It was nice to have an intimate birthday party rather than a bunch of little kids screaming and hollering around the house or at Chucky Cheeses.

Today Lennah also lost her first tooth. It seems as if not only are the big kids growing too fast but the little ones are doing it too. I still think that she is just a baby toddling around the house. In addition to losing teeth she also reads me books at night. Lennah has been doing awesome in school and is on first grade sight words in kindergarten. I feel so useless now since the kids can do so much on their own. It is bittersweet to listen to your kindergartner read you Pete the Cat when just last year you were reading books to her to put her to bed.

I also had Delylah's Pre-K conference today. Like Lennah she is ahead in school and doing awesome. Since she has been so far ahead we now work on kindergarten sight words so she will have a jump start in school. It was amazing to hear all the wonderful things her teacher had to say about her. While hearing this and being a teacher it is also sad to know that so many kids at there go home from school and their parents don't spend the time working with their kids to ensure that they have a successful school future. I guess I should not be surprised so much because I heard stories from the big kids about how when they were younger no one was there to support them and ensure that they were on track; let alone ahead. But I still wish more parents would take the time even if it was five minutes just to hear about their kids day. I know nightly we sit down, no matter what, and the kids go around the table telling me how their day was. When I talk to my middle school students and I ask them if there parents eat dinner with them most tell me "no" that their parents just watch tv while they eat. It is so heartbreaking.

 Logan's artwork from school. We think he did an awesome job
Happy Birthday Heather!