Friday, June 25, 2010

Summer and Passing Time

Lennah and Gavin on the way to the circus

Movie in the Park with Zubin (too bad we didn't stay for the movie)

Delylah riding a camel and the circus

Lennah at Karate class

Making Daddy and Big Ba's Father's Day Gifts

Daddy where the shirt the girls made him

Sam, Jack, Lennah, and Seth
So summer is officially here and I have been out of work for several weeks. I have been keeping the girls busy with playdates, classes, and hanging out in the pool. Lennah is loving her little explorers class. Karate she comes around to after she has been there for about 10 minutes and dance I think is probably not going to be around much longer. Delylah is loving her music class and I think she is going to be the musicial kid in the house since she loves singing and dancing so much. We have been fortunate enough to also have some playdates that were long over due with some wonderful friends. I have to admit our weekends were pretty boring for the kids while we were going through our adoption classes. Lennah and Delylah missed their friends and have been so happy to spend time with other kids. We also have some other playdates coming up in the next several days before we head out of town. Which of course is the highlight of the summer since we have a 9 day vacation planned. We originally planned to go up to Jersey and NY to visit friends and family but Lennah and Delylah decided to beg to add some other fun stuff to the trip and we couldn't resist their pleas. Actually we got a flyer in the mail for the Wilderness in the Smokies lodge which has 3 waterparks. The girls got a hold of the flyer and begged to go there. We were thinking about taking them for their adoption day which is coming up next month. Then we realized it be a lot easier to head back through Pennsylvania and Tennessee and hit it up on the way back. So in turn we are shortening our NY/NJ trip to 6 days and taking three days to head back so we could visit Hershey Park, Gettysburg, and then go to the Wilderness Lodge. The girls are super excited because we were going to take them to NYC which they cannot wait to see where mommy is from and go to the Jersey shore. It is so funny because Lennah tells people mommy is from Ork. She for some reason keeps leaving out the New and Y.
On that note I have to say the kids say some funny stuff these days and nothing gets past them. Tonight someone was passing by the house and the dogs started barking insanely. I told them to shut up and Delylah turns to me and says mommy no say that that is bad. I had to crack up. They just say wild things lately and it just shows how much they are growing up.

As for the adoption front we are just waiting patiently. We also heard that the boys we were interested in had been placed with a family so we are just waiting for a match from our agency. I am in so much wonder as to who our children are and when they will be here.
I had a lot of great photos I took from the past few weeks. So I am posting a bunch. Enjoy all.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Officially waiting

Juanita and Taylor (Taylor is our newest social worker)

Juanita and Lennah (She lead our impact classes)

Our impact class on the day of our completion ceremony

Our little princess

Corn on the Cob is one of Lennah's favorites

We are done with everything for our domestic state adoption. Yipppeeee! On Saturday we had our last impact training which was sort of like a cermony where you receive a certificate that you have completed training. Yesterday we had our homestudy visit and we are now done. By next week they will have everything typed out and they will be sending our paperwork out there to find our children. Domestic adoption through the foster care system is nothing like international in the sense that we don't go on a wait list for a child and have to wait until it is our turn. Based on our preferences and what ages we are willing to accept we could be matched at any time. They said that we have a very good chance of receiving profiles of small children and we will be selected very quickly because of our experience with adoption in the past. So now all we do is sit back and wait.

In the mean time we are just enjoying the girls and have been busy with school and work. Well at least I have the next two months off of work so we plan on having a lot of family time and hanging out by the pool time since the girls are like little fishes. In a few weeks we have a trip planned to head up to NY and NJ. We have gotten a lot accomplished these last few weeks so it will definitely be nice to just have some quality family time. We managed to put in our new flooring in our living room, kitchen, and dining room, complete our adoption training, I finished a class that kicked my butt and never gave me a free night off of school.

I am also trying to keep the girls busy for the summer and have them enrolled in several activities so they don't get bored sitting around the house with mommy while I go on cleaning rampages. Tonight was Lennah's first night of karate and Tuesday Delylah had a music class. The girls are loving having some time to make new friends and learn new things. Lennah starts a dance class next week ( now she has been saying she wanted to go back to dance) and a little explorers class where she will be learning about science and nature type stuff.