Monday, March 21, 2011

Just thinking

So I need to become more diligent about posting especially documenting our newest adoption journey. So Wednesday we are going into the office and having a conference regarding everything that will take place with the placement of our new children. This is a totally different ball game for us compared to adopting internationally. We need to also iron out details with the agency on traveling to meet the kids. So as of now the plans are to cut our trip short to Virginia and head to Ohio to meet the kids. Unfortunately we will not get to take them home with us since they will need time to get to know us. So far the plans for them to be placed with us in June; which works out perfectly since I will be home from work for the summer.
Since we made the announcement that we are adopting we have had so many mixed responses from people (I think this is important to share). When adopting Lennah we got the questions why not just adopt a US baby or why pay for Invitro so you can have your own baby. When adopting Delylah we got the questions about why we were adopting a baby that was African and not white. Now we have had the responses like you don't know what you are getting into and these kids are going to be crazy.
The truth is no one knows what to expect when they adopt or have biological kids. We know not everything will be roses and we will have major stress and battles ahead of us. But we definitely know that we will try our best to parent these children as best as we can and show them the love that we can. Of course our biggest concern is Lennah and Delylah's safety so from everything we know these kids are not violent so we are not putting our girls at risk and nor would we so we truely believe we are making the right decision and following the path God has chosen for us. We feel that with every direction God has led us down the path we are supposed to be down. I guess what I am trying to express is that people who have little to no clue about adoption really don;t think about the comments they make to us or about our families. I really wish more people would think before they make these comments and be more supportive of people who choose the life we have chosen. I also wish they could understand that millions upon millions of children go to sleep at night without someone to tuck them in, kiss them goodnight, say prayers, or even read to them.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lots to Share

Mother Daughter Tea at the Southern Museum

So it has been a long time since I have blogged. That was because my laptop was in the shop for a month (yes a long time) so I haven't been able to upload photos and all that fun stuff so I figured I would hibernate while I waited. Since the last time I blogged we have just been having some good family fun. Last month my mom, myself, and the girls went to a mother daughter tea. It was a fun gathering and the girls had a blast playing dress up, making crafts, and meeting new friends. We have also had some great weather the past several weeks and that gave us the opportunity to head to the park and have some fun with the girls. For some reason the kids cannot get enough time at the park. For some reason the past few weekends we have also had a lot of birthday parties to hit. We even have one this coming weekend. So every weekend has been jammed packed with stuff to do.

And finally today we got the phone call we have been waiting for since January. Back in January our agency called us and shared with us that we were sort of selected for a sibling group of 3. Well they had to wait for the other worker to have a matching meeting before we were officially selected. So today we got word that the meeting took place this morning and we will officially be becoming a family of 7. Yes you read correctly a family of 7. We are going to meet the kids next month after we head to Virginia for vacation. They will then hopefully come here for a visit in May and then June they will be placed with us. It's hard to image that soon we are going to go from two little girls to having two boys and another girl running around the house.