Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Keith & I before his company Christmas party

Nanny & Big Ba with the kids before Christmas eve service

Our little dancer Delylah
Zach at Church singing

Happy 5th Birthday Lennah
Wow it has been a busy time around here. November was pretty simple and just a good old typical Thanksgiving but once December came we were in full swing Christmas mode. It was also Lennah's birthday on the 1st of December. Wow I still cannot believe that she is now 5. I hate that my little girl has grown up so fast. It seems like time is flying by. We only had a small cake with my parents since we are doing the joint birthday party in another week for both girls.
The kids had several Christmas parties; which kept us busy in December. The best parties are the ones that mommy and daddy get to attend and I was fortunate enough to be at Delylah's balled Christmas party. The little girls did a little performance for us; which of course was adorable. Logan and Heather got to attend Logan's karate class Christmas sleepover party; which was a first sleepover for both of them. That party also took place on my birthday so my mom watched the 3 youngest so Keith and I could finally have a night out that was so ever deserved. Zach also had a singing performance with all the kids in children's church. This was so out of his comfort zone but he got up the nerve to go up on stage to do it. We were super proud of him for going out there to do it.
Christmas has already come and gone and it really was a memorable holiday. I just wish it would have been a white christmas like last year. The kids had an awesome Christmas. Everyone got everything on their list; which we really did want to give the older kids a great Christmas and the little ones of course got everything they asked for as well. Logan got his ever so coveted new laptop, Heather and Ipod, Zach a 3ds, Delylah got her Kanani American girl doll, and Lennah got her bitty baby. It was wonderful to see the look on all their faces. Mommy was also super happy with her new kindle fire. So all the way around we had an awesome Christmas.
We do need some prayers for some friends and family right now. We have a family member whose baby was born with some problems and is having surgery this week. I am keeping them in prayers for their little girl and we also have a friend who has cancer. So far her outlook is very good but I am sure they are having a difficult time with this right now. I am just asking for prayers to go out to these people right now.