Thursday, November 3, 2011


Time flies when you are having fun and boy did we have a fun and busy October. I think we had something going on every weekend but the kids certainly had a blast. To start we went ahead and made a trip up to Ellijay and took the kids to an Apple Orchard. I think this may have been one of our best family outings yet. The kids loved getting to pick apples and I think they all had a blast shooting apples. I think the wait took longer than it did for each each of the kids to shoot their whole bucket of apples but they seemed to have a really fun time.They also had some really cool animals and we all loved chasing around the turkeys they had on the farm. I think this may become one of our new fall traditions with the kids.
We also took another day to head on down to the pumpkin patch. We always hit up the same pumpkin patch yearly but this year it was a first with all the kids. The kids all picked their pumpkins and all wanted face paintings and whole nine.
Another big day we had was Heather's birthday. It is hard to believe that I can actually say I have a 14 year old. Wow that makes me feel old. She was really great about actually sharing time on her birthday with our friends from adoption option. We had a blast at Donna's house and it made us happy that Heather said it was the best birthday she had ever had. I was actually worried about her not wanting to visit with friends on her birthday but she was actually super excited about it. Of course that was not the end of her birthday celebration because the next say we had my parents over to give her a family birthday cake. She loved all her gifts. Heather mentioned that she never had a robe before and that was one of the gifts we had gotten her and she absolutely thought it was the best gift ever.
WOW! the fun in October was still not over and the following weekend we had a fall festival in our neighborhood. It was actually really nice to have the kids meet more of the kids that live in the neighborhood. Logan met a girl in the neighborhood that he has now become smitten with. For the last 2 weeks all we have heard about has been Sarah.
We also had a party at Logan's karate school which was another fun night out for the kids. They got to play some cool games and just have fun with other kids. It really is nice seeing the kids finally start socializing more with kids their own age and finally taking the initiative to seek out friends.
This past weekend we also hit up the local trick or treat village at paulding meadows park. They had some really cool games this year and of course the kids got a ridiculous amount of candy.
Oh and before I forget Logan also moved up to a yellow belt this month. I think it was a huge boost for his confidence which he really needed. I don't think we have ever seen him gain so much confidence. Overall it was a great month. Now I am just getting ready for the christmas season. Yeah my favorite time of the year.