Tuesday, May 4, 2010

General Update

It has been a very busy past few weeks. Every Saturday we have been going to our impact classes for our domestic state adoption, putting in our beautiful new floors, school work, and of course our two beautiful girls are keeping us busy.

On the adoption front we are rolling along. It appears that our international homestudy for Rwanda is being put to good use and our agency can use most of it so we will only have two meetings with them to be finished. We also have all our paperwork in so we should be paperwork ready in a few more weeks; just about the same time that we finish up classes. We are open to siblings and have found two boys who we are going to ask about as soon as our paperwork is done. For some reason we feel drawn to these two so who knows maybe the Paulsen clan will be expanding really soon.

The girls are doing wonderful and growing like weeds. We have spent a lot of time at the park since the weather has warmed up. At least on the sunny days. Delylah is really starting to hit the terrible twos. Apparently, she is finding it very amusing to tease Lennah and take away her stuff in addition to starting to talk back. Hopefully, enough trips to time out will help her move on from that.

I finished a class that had me under a lot of stress so I can now for sure focus on the adoption and other ways that we plan on expanding our family. I am still not done with school but done with the hellacious class.