Monday, July 25, 2011

Vacation and Happy Adoption Day

Hope the Dolphin

Zach showing off his moves

Heather, Logan, and Zach on the Dolphin tour
A picture of just mommy and daddy (yes it's rare since I always take the pictures)

Grandma showing off her talents

Last week we packed up the troops and headed to the beach. We had been planning on heading down to the Clearwater, FL area for a while to go and visit Keith's grandmother and dad. We decided to stay a little further south in a condo on Indian Shores beach and absolutely loved it. This was our first vacation as a family of 7 and it went way better than someone would have expected. When we first got to the beach and unpacked a bit the kids wanted to hit the beach. It was Heather, Zach, and Logan's first trip to the ocean so they had to check it out right away. Well as soon as they hit the water they did not want to leave. We had to practically drag them out of the water in order to get everyone ready for dinner.
On day 2 we went to visit Keith's dad and grandmother so they could meet Heather, Logan and Zach for the first time. Grandma and dad did great meeting the kids and getting to know them. I was amazed because all the kids were well behaved and took the time to spend with grandma watching her play the piano and organ (she has a talent of playing both at the same time).
On day 3 we took the kids to try out another first. The kids had never been on a boat before so we took them on a dolphin tour boat. They thought it was the coolest thing ever. After that we headed over to Pier 60in clearwater. At night they have a bunch of vendors and just local music and stuff for the kids. Delylah got picked to do a little dance contest. She looked so cute waiting to get up there and do her little dance and then the last minute she got scared and they picked Zach to step in. He went up there and did an awesome job dancing his little tail off.
On day 4 we headed over to clearwater aquarium which is actually a marine rescue. It is an awesome place to visit so I definitely highly recommend it to anyone visiting that area. Anyway while we were there the kids got the opportunity to feed stingrays; another first.
Day 5 was a pretty low key day since we just decided to stay at the condo and lounge at the pool and beach all day. I think by this day the kids were over sand and just wanted to spend more time by the pool diving in.
Day 6 we decided to take the kids on another adventure and took a pirate cruise. They had some fun water games, face painting and all sorts of activities for the kids.
By the last day we were all ready to unwind and pack up and head home that we just stayed by the condo to have fun. The kids would have been more than happy to stay in Florida if we would have let them but unfortunately we had to go back home.
The trip home fell on Lennah and Delylah's adoption day. It is so hard to believe that only 4 years ago we were in Vietnam and became parents for the first time. So much has changed in that time since they placed a beautiful little girl in our arms who would forever be ours. She changed our lives in so many ways for the better. Then to be blessed again exactly one year later with another beautiful little girl whom we never met is also such an incredible thing. Delylah has grown into such a such an awesome little girl whom I could never imagine being without. She has been such a blessing to us. Now we are hear only a few short years later and we are now a family with 5 blessings. Yes in this time it has been hard adjusting to having such a large family but it has been an amazing journey 4 years in the making.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Busy Busy

Last Night of the Boys Surge Camp

Welcome Party
Gavin and Zach making friends
Heather at gymnastics

It has been a busy past few weeks getting the kids settled in. You always figure that balancing 5 kids is going to be work but I have to say I have become a taxi driver in addition to the role of mom. The boys had camp for a week at church, Heather decided she wanted to do gymnastics, Lennah is in gymnastics, and Delylah has ballet and all of that = one tired chauffeur.It has all been worth it though. I have to say for the most part things have gone extremely well adjustment wise and we are so thankful for that. We really expected that the kids would have a lot of behavior issues when they moved here being that they are older. We thought there would be a lot of acting out it has been minimal and mostly pre-teen normal kid stuff.
Heather has really gotten into gymnastics which I think is great for her. It is giving her an opportunity to hang out with kids her age while school is out and it has been a great resource to just get some energy out since she is a high energy kid. And of course Lennah and Delylah couldn't been doing any better in ballet and gymnastics so we are so pleased that all of the girls have found something to do that they love.
This weekend we also finally had a small celebration to welcome the kids and give our friends a chance to meet them. We are so thankful for all our friends and family that came. It was a wonderful celebration.