Monday, October 15, 2012

Officially Logged In

Last week we found out that we were officially logged into China on September 26. Apparently now we wait for a letter of approval from China. I have heard that these can take 30 days to 90 days. Actually due to timing with work we will be freaking if it comes soon since I cannot imagine traveling right after the 1st of the year. I guess everything is in God's hands. But we did get a little update on her today no photo :( though. She is doing very well and still going right along developmentally with peers. Her problems with her arm are not holding this little girl back at all.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fall Fun


I just love this time of year the leaves are changing, sometimes the air is crisp, and we take a trip to a pumpkin patch. This weekend we headed up to North Georgia to visit a patch and have some family fun. This patch had several activities for the kids and we thought this year we would find something to do that we typically don't do and that was a corn maze. I will say that the little ones did not find it fun to wonder around; nor did big sister find it fun to let the little brother take the lead and have us keep wandering in cirlces. Of course mommy and daddy thought it was hilarious that Zach kept saying we haven't gone this way before knowing good and well we just came from that area. This place also had a very small petting zoo (at least they did give the kids food to feed the animals), a pony ride, a hayride, and a giant inflatable slide for the kids. The kids will always have fun playing on slides and playing with animals so that is where we spent most of our time.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

New Photo of Taite

While we were away we got a quick update on baby girl. She is definitely growing fast by looking at her picture. We are still waiting to hear that our dossier was officially logged in so hopefully we will hear something soon.


Living in Georgia does have some perks one being that a lot of counties have a break in September and we get to take another vacation when the crowds aren't bad in places. Last week we hit the beach and just spent time with the kids. We had a great condo that fit all of us, plus had a washer/ dryer, and a full kitchen. When you have a large family these things become a must. We just have too many people to get hotel rooms especially since we would definitely need two, then have to eat out because of the lack of a kitchen, and come home with mounds of laundry. Anyway it was nice just spending time with the kids with nothing on the schedule to run to.
Most of the time we stayed at the beach or in the pool but we did take the time to visit some cool local places. One day we hit Gumbo Limbo which is a nature center. It was pretty cool and the kids got to see some really little turtles, huge lobsters, stingrays, lots of gross spiders, etc. Another day we also hit up a local children's science museum. The kids had a great time here and we couldn't get them to leave. It had a lot of hands on activities and was perfect for the little ones. The big kids even got in there and played to their hearts content. The only other major activity we did was head to Lion Country Safari. The kids all loved this park since for the first part you drive through a safari and get to see a ton of animals. Then you visit a small amusement park section. There were a few kiddie rides, boat rides, paddle boats, a petting zoo, and just some other animals to see. The kids had a great time here and it was worth the trip. They even got to feed giraffes which they thought was the most awesome thing ever. Overall it was a great trip with some much needed family time. This time next year we will be chasing the 6 of them around on vacation.