Saturday, April 17, 2010


I am so at peace with all our decisions right now. Today, we had our orientation with the local agency to adopt domestically (kids up for state adoption). Yes we know we are taking big risks with kids from the US because we know a lot of their issues are different from what we see in the IA world but we are up for the challenge. Our homestudy from the Rwandan adoption is actually going to be quite useful and that will limit the paperchase and such. We should finish classes by June and the homestudy for this as well by then since we already have so much from before. They are thinking by the fall they will present us with matches. The girls are very excited about the expansion potential in our family. We are open to a sibling group and most likely they have told us that we should prepare for that.

We did not get the news from the doctor and it was not the news we hoped for. Keith's damage is worse now than it was years ago but we are proceeding to try to a have a baby as well. We are going to work on this for a few months and if it seems fruitless well than it was not meant to be. The agency did tell us that being open to a sibling group under the age of 8 does give us the possible opportunity to be presented with a group with a baby so that will also meet our desires to have another little one in addition to an older child as well.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Easter and More

We had a great Easter last week and were fortunate enough to have Keith's family come to visit. His Grandmother and dad came for a visit that was long over due. Keith's grandmother lives in Florida and we do see her from time to time but this was her first opportunity to see Delylah and since his Dad lives in California this was the first time he had seen the girls. It was a good visit that allowed Keith the opportunity to catch up with his Dad and spend some time with his grandmother who is turning 91 this year. I took the girls to an Easter egg hunt on Saturday and they had a blast. I did want to take them to a local Easter egg hunt that was supposed to be huge but that seemed to be the popular place to be so we headed to the egg hunt at my Dad's church and it was perfect for the little ones. I have had to hide the candy since Lennah has found ways to climb the counters to get a whole of whatever sweet treats she can find.

We have also come to some final decisions. We are officially not persuing a Rwanda adoption. We know we were meant to start on that path because it has taken us in a new direction that we did not even think possible but we do not regret the decision to abandon that journey. We are awaiting some test results to see if it is possible to proceed with IUI and we should have those results Monday. When we first started trying for a family and we discovered that the mumps caused Keith damage and would make it difficult to have a baby biologically they said go to IVF. We knew parenting was more important and did not want to spend the money to go down a path that may prove fruitless. I know if IUI was presented earlier we would have waited to adopt because my plan was to have a biological child first and then adopt but I think God's plan maybe reversed for us. We are leaving all of that in his hands and hopefully we will have the go ahead that we want to hear.

Adoption is still on the horizon for us for sure. We start classes next week to go through the state and I was so hesitant long ago but for some reason I think this was the decision we are meant for. Our official stance is that we will accept two kids under the age of 8 obviously we will carefully have to examine their background and how they will fit into the girls lives.

So maybe by this time next year the mini-van will be full. That will make for some very loud road trips.