Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Princess Camp and School Days

I know I am a terrible blogger lately even in the midst of another adoption. The girls ended their summer with hitting up princess camp again. The girls love getting to do this camp every year and had an even better year this time around because their friends Jamilah and Mallorie joined them in for the fun. It was an awesome week that the girls really enjoyed.

We also started school two weeks ago. The older kids were of course excited but Lennah was super excited to start big girl school. I cannot believe that our little girl started kindergarten. Our kids grow up too fast. Next year we will have a kid in high school, two in middle, two in elementary, and Taite should be home and in daycare. Wow! I will be busy.
In addition to Lennah starting Kindergarten several days later Delylah started Pre-K. We were very lucky that she got the same Pre-K teacher Lennah had. She was excited to start Pre-K and we hope that her desire to learn continues.
I was also very worried about Heather and Logan's new school year because they were going off without me. I did get a transfer to a new school and Heather's programs was not offered where I was going so in district they wound up. I think it is working out great for them and hopefully this will help them socially.

 Heather, Logan, Zach, & Lennah first day of school 8/1/12

 Delylah's first day of Pre-K

Lastly, we did get a picture of Taite recently and a quick update on her. She is doing so well and chatting up a storm in China. I guess if she likes to talk a lot she is definitely going to be with the right family. I was amazed at how fast she is growing and I wish we could be there to witness it first hand. We are still waiting on our I-800a approval and hopefully that should be here within the next 2-3 weeks.