Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Girls/ Dossier Progress

This weekend we had one big birthday bash for our girls. It was a great day at Jump for Joeys. We figured since the holidays make it hard to plan parties and for people to attend we just just join the birthdays together. I know as the girls get older this probably won't happen since they will want special days with their own friends but for now it turned out great. We had a lot of friends join which made the day even better. It was a princess themed birthday which the girls have been into a lot lately. Publix made a special cake for us since each of the girls like different princesses. Lennah has really been into snow white since our disney trip and the little mermaid and Delylah likes cinderella and belle. I still cannot get over that Lennah is now three and Delylah turns two in just a little over a week. The girls are growing so fast and it seems like yesterday they were little babies. I am also amazed at how smart they are for their ages and how quickly they progressed from these little babies who experienced so little. Delylah is talking in complete sentences. Lennah is learning letters and writing letters. We are still working on counting but Lennah does not like the number 3; kind of unfortunate since she tells people she is still 2 or skipping 3 and shooting up to 4. Delylah is also into being stubborn lately. Whenever Delylah doesn't get her way she crosses her arms and stomps away. They are acting like teenagers already.

As for baby Paulsen number 3- we are making progress. Since I was out of work for ice today Keith and I went on a dossier/ homestudy rampage. We got our GBI, FBI, police clearances, etc. done today. I also set up our meeting for our social worker. It seems like we are one step closer to our son. Lennah has already given her input on his possible names either Dora or Marie the Cat. They are both so good maybe we will just name him both. LOL.

Enjoy the pics of the girls birthday party.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas and More

Christmas Eve with Nanny and Big Ba waiting for Santa

Christmas was great in our house. I think this is the first year where Lennah really got it. SHe couldn't wait for Santa to get here but we had to explain to her that Santa only comes while you are asleep. Of course between family and Santa the girls were totally spoiled. I think next year Santa needs to make some cutbacks on the volume of presents delivered to our house. My parents stayed for the holiday so the girls loved waking up to have nanny and big ba here. The biggest issue with having two girls so close in age is the fighting over presents. Lennah wanted Delylah's presents and vice versa. It really makes no difference what gift is labled to who because inevitably they just wind up sharing in the long run. The big hit with Lennah this year seems to be games. She loves the game don't break the ice and candy land. Delylah is just in love with her new baby dolls. She is such a loving kid and always wants to feed, change, hug, and kiss her baby dolls.

As for baby number 3. Keith and I are working on our dossier check list. I have already gotten our marriage certificate, ordered birth certificates, and contacted our social worker for our homestudy. We are on our way. The girls are so excited about getting a brother. Delylah saw a baby the other day and she asked if it was a baby brother. Lennah also asked me if he is going to take a bath with the girls. The girls will be bunking together when baby paulsen #3 arrives and this is another thing Lennah is extremely excited about. It is just hard for them to grasp the concept of time and explaining how he won't be here for a while. I think in the long run this may be the longest adoption to complete since we are trying to make sure that he doesn't come home until early in 2011 but preferrably closer to the summer that year so it works out for my job and having time off.

Overall we are looking forward to a wonderful and exciting 2010 since our family is expanding once again and most likely for the last time (I won't say never because most likely it would come back to bite us). But I think having a boy and two girls will complete our family.