Monday, August 30, 2010


So it has been a month since my last post and in that time Lennah has started soccer. We gave up Karate and dance, well basically because I don't think either was high energy enough for Lennah. She has been asking about doing hockey and living in GA hockey is not an option to play, especially for a little girl (She got the idea for hockey since my dad was watching it in front of her one day). Anyway, we figured soccer might be a good fit. So she had her first practice almost two weeks ago and this past Saturday was her first game. Needless to say Lennah did not want to play at her first practice but last week she started getting into it. So thank goodness she got to play in her first game. Granted it is only a bunch of three year olds but they were so cute to watch. Her team, the Rockets, lost but hopefully this coming Saturday they will get a few more goals.

As for the adoption front. We did not realize what a different ball game adopting from the US is in comparison to international. Our agency never heard back from the social worker when she told them she had a family interested in the group so we are still waiting for a match. We are okay with that because we do have our trip to Disney planned in a few weeks and were worried that we did not plan on having a few new kids to take since we never thought the process would have been that fast. All we can say it is in God's hands for now.
We are also very thankful that we abandon our journey to Rwanda since we read that they are not accepting any new dossiers until all the Hague stuff is settled. I am not quite sure how that will slow down the people waiting but I now know 100% that we were never meant to be in Rwanda it just was a detour that took us to where we were supposed to be.