Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A long Wait

Happy Birthday Sheridan

Lennah loves ribs and literally cleaned the bone

You think international adoption takes long and that domestic adoption would be a breeze but of course not; nothing is simple in adoption. We feel as if we are waiting forever to bring the kids home and every time we turn around they keep pushing back the date on when the kids will be here. AHHHH! It is so frustrating. Well now they are telling us the end of June the kids should definitely be here by; which is not what I hoped for since our goal was to be able to have as much of a summer with the kids as possible once they got here. We are also frustrated because we knew some paperwork would have to be renewed but we keep getting emails in waves and I am just frustrated because it would be nice to be told everything at once. I guess I just need to vent. Well now that I am done with that I could get to the past month.
So for the past month our house has been hit by a redecorating tornado for all the kids. We have finished up the boys room for the most part. They have marvel superhero bedding in a vintage print so we thought it would look super cool with their new chrome bunk beds and blue walls. Overall I think we have done a good job. But now I have to rearrange the toy room in order to accomodate a guest bed for when we have visitors. Now that we are also looking at not getting the kids for a few extra weeks we now have extra time for working on the girls rooms. We hopefully will get to Lennah's and Delylah's room this weekend and then work on Heather's the following weekend.
This past weekend we did have an adoption option get together which was great. It was nice seeing some people we haven't seen in a while. We also were able to meet Elise who just came home from China a few weeks ago (what a cutie). It was also Sheridan's 6th birthday so we were also fortunate to spend time with him. I just love watching all the kids get together and just hang with other adopted kids. It is great that there are groups around so our kids can see that there are so many other families out there like ours and it is also great to just have that support from other people who feel as strongly as we do about adoption.