Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Officially DTC

Yep that's right today our agency express mailed our Dossier to China. We are one step closer to baby Taite. Wow it has been a long journey so far but one hurdle is now crossed.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Quick Update and Happy Birthday

Today is Zach's 11th birthday. Time is flying. I think the one hard thing when you adopt older children is that you miss out on so many years. Hopefully we all have very long lives to make up for those missed years. Zach had a small low key birthday at home. We did gifts and an angry birds cake which apparently is the hot new kid cake. We also did the class cupcakes today since it is his last year in elementary school. I am so glad that he had a great day.

Our dossier also reached our agency today!!!! Yep after months of waiting our dossier is in their hands and they are about to send it off to China. I guess now everything is becoming real.

Hopefully I will find more time to blog about the wait but with the kids keeping me busy between school, dance, gymnastics, cub scouts, etc. I barely have time anymore. Speaking of activities Lennah got moved up to division 3 gymnastics 2 weeks ago. This is the step before she starts out on a team. Yep only 5 years old and her next step is team gymnastics. We couldn't be prouder.

We did get a quick update on Taite this month but no picture :(. She is doing so well and we are so happy that nothing is holding her back. Apparently she is a good little helper and she has a great vocabulary since she is speaking in full sentences and is not even two yet.