Saturday, August 15, 2009

Gotcha Day Delylah

What a smile
That is one happy baby

Delylah trying on her Halloween costume

It is amazing that Delylah has been in our arms for a year. This day last year I landed in Addis Ababa alone because Keith stayed home with Lennah and was petrified; I was in a strange country and would have to get to know our new baby alone. Little did I know that a year later we would love this baby more than we ever dreamed. Delylah has been a blessing to our family. Lennah will not have to grow up an only child and we have been blessed twice over. In the past year we have seen Delylah go from a baby that was delayed from being in an orphanage into a brillant child and energetic child. She couldn't sit on her own but within a few weeks she was sitting, soon crawling, and walked a week shy of 11 months old. Now she runs all over the house but does have two left feet and trips a lot, she talks up a storm, and has learned how to hold her own when her sister does not feel like being cooperative. I could not have asked from a better gift from God than to be the mommy to two beautiful girls.
My only wish as I look back on this day is that Keith and Lennah could have been there to share in the joy of gotcha day. Adoption is not a cheap route to have a family and two babies back to back made the decision difficult to chose to go meet Delylah alone. However, a week later we were united as a family of four and it was like a second gotcha day all over.
Here are some then and now pictures of our little princess. Gosh she has grown.