Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas

Our house in the snow
The girls all ready to go out and play in the snow

Lennah and her giant rapunzel doll

Delylah jamming on her new barbie guitar

Keith ate way too much

Christmas was a wonderful and crazy event at our house. To start off Keith worked late the night before Christmas Eve since he was going to have a 3 day weekend so I had to deliver a cheesecake (occasionally I still take an order or 2) rather than have Keith take it as I originally planned. Anyway so after I deliver the cheesecake I head to the bank and to Kroger to put the check in the bank and whack of course the car got rear-ended in the parking lot of Kroger on the morning of Christmas Eve. No one was hurt but the kids were scared because when the cops had to come they thought they were in trouble for something. So I thought that was going to be the start of a crazy Christmas but all ended well. We headed to church which was a beautiful service and came home and had the annual Christmas eve seafood dinner.

So after dinner it was time to get ready for Santa and get the kids in bed. It was amazing that we were able to get them to sleep. Everyone finished their last touches on gifts and whatever else needed to be done for the morning.

So the race for gifts began at 6:20 am when the kids woke up. They wanted to wake my parents up and begin opening gifts. So there we were at 630 in the morning opening up presents. All that time wrapping and it was over by 7:15 for the kids. After we had a great breakfast and low and behold a miracle in the south happened (one that has not occured for 128 years) it began to snow. Yep! we had a white Christmas. It was truly a beautiful day. The kids were able to go out and make snowballs on Christmas day so what an extra special present. I was shocked that they didn't want to stay in and play with their toys.

Overall it was a great Christmas and the kids cannot wait for it to happen all over again next year. Delylah has been so cute and asking about when Santa is coming back and how our family celebrated the holidays. I think what made it extra special is the fact that both the girls are old enough to get the idea of Christmas this year.