Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pictures with Santa

Well to complete our holiday season photos we had the annual visit to Target to meet Santa. The girls did great and of course were too cute. This year they get Christmas which will make it awesome. They also are getting into the real meaning of Christmas and that we celebrate Baby Jesus's birthday. I just wish they would leave him alone under the tree. LOL.
I guess to just also drop a note about where we are in the adoption is NOWHERE. Honestly, I am more and more frustrated each day because our agency said that we would be very quick to get a match. Yeah! Not happening. I am not sure what to expect at all when adopting through the state foster care system but we have inquired about quite a few sets of siblings and we hear nothing back. The system is so frustrating because there are so many kids in the US that need homes but honestly the system does not seem to work fast enough. We had Delylah's referral quicker and we were out of country. I know everything is in God's hands and timing so we will still wait but who knows when we are going to expand our family. Either way I am very Thankful this upcoming Thanksgiving because I have the most wonderful husband, two beautiful little girls, and great family and friends.

Anyway, my rant is over but enjoy the Santa photos.

Monday, November 15, 2010

It's that time of Year

Yep! Christmas is coming and we get super excited over here. I have the trees up, the outside got decorated yesterday, and we even found time to get the girls formal holiday pictures done yesterday. It is a good thing I got them done yesterday since Lennah and I are both nursing colds. Anyway, we have had a busy past few weeks. Unfortunately the transmission went out in my car (no I was not happy about that large expense so close to the holidays and the girls birthdays), Keith has been working a lot since his company got bought up by another and they have a massive amount of business right now, and I have been plagued with massive school work. But overall I love this time of year and best of all I think the kids get it this year. Lennah has been creating a very long Santa list and Delylah just keeps telling me how much she wants Barbie fashion fairytale from Santa. It is so cute watching them get excited as we talk about Christmas. Anyway, I am keeping it short since I am sick but here are the girls latest photos. This weekend is pictures with Santa so there are more to come so Stay Tuned.