Friday, April 12, 2013

And Taite made Eight

We have been home a week and I finally have some free time to catch up and blog. This time around I had a few days where I could not get back into the swing of things. I would be exhausted and lay down but could not sleep. I must have had about 8 hours sleep in 3 days between the one day in transit back home and then the first two days here. I think most of it was trying to catch up with the kids, Keith, and worrying about Taite's adjustment.
So backtracking I guess I will start with the travel. Taite did awesome. I had the only kid on the entire plane ride that did not have a meltdown once. She only had about 5 hours sleep but she was a pretty happy camper. She would be fidgety here and there but not once did I have a wailing kid. It also was a smooth plane ride with no delays which made me even happier. I was so panicked that something would go crazy and we would not get home. We landed and had to do the whole customs bit and immigration and again we had no problems. Then it was time to see the family. I was so worried about Taite and her going to Keith and the kids since she had never seen then and because she was so terrified of strangers the whole time we were in China but low and behold she must have know that Keith was her daddy because she went right to him. I was so relieved that she didn't have a fit and refuse to go with him. We got home and little miss went to sleep and slept most of the night (even though I didn't).
The next few days we did have some adjustment trials but it went well. She was absolutely terrified of the dogs and would have fits if we tried to put her down for her to run around. That was our biggest obstacle. Finally about three days of being home she finally would run and play on her own without one of us holding her. I gradually eased her into going down by holding her hand throughout the house while I did tasks and it worked. She still will cry occasionally when the dogs go up to her but it is not too often nor for too long.
The kids are also in love with Taite. Lennah has been trying to play little mommy with her. Although I have noticed that the last two days Lennah has certainly been spending less time with Taite. All the kids have also spent time playing and just being big brothers and sisters to little Miss Taite. I  think the only one who has had a hard time with the transition has been Delylah. I think it is most difficult for her because she is no longer the baby but her and Lennah have a love hate relationship and for the first few days of Taite's arrival Lennah has spent her free time with Taite. Lennah and Delylah can fight like cats and dogs but then the next minute be playing school or playing with dolls together. So I think in some ways Delylah is dealing with sharing her best friend while also not being the baby anymore.
Taite is also developing quite a little personality. She will play tricks like pretending to sleep and then when we get up to her she will open up her eyes and start hysterical laughing. She also has a little mischievous side in her too. She likes to mess with her brothers and sisters by play fighting already. I think she is getting that from Lennah and Delylah.
Taite has also been picking up English slowly. She has about 10-12 words down and today she did say two words together so it is coming along. She definitely understands what we say to her so hopefully she will start talking more and more.
Overall I have to say the adjustment has been a lot smoother than we thought it would be.

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Mindee said...

wonderful news! I was a little worried when you weren't blogging. but assumed you were on the long trip home and adjusting. Glad to know it's going well. Even if it doesn't, hang in there. These things take time.
Best wishes.