Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Visa appointment and last two days

We have had a busy last two days. Yesterday our guide took us shopping and of course I love shopping. I was able to get Taite several special items for when she gets older and get everyone else on our list some gifts for when we get home. Our guide also brought us to Shamian Island where we had lunch. This place is where most families used to stay when adopting here in China however since the major hotel in that area that was used is under renovation most people no longer stay there. I will say it is a beautiful area and very interesting because of the colonial architecture. It too also had some great shopping.
Last night the ladies I have become friendly with all went out for dinner with our kiddos to an Irish Pub. I think it is so funny that this is the second Asian country I have been too and that there has been an Irish pub in both placed. I will say the food was good and so was the company. It is great to have other people to hang out with especially when your husband is at home.
Today we had our visa appointment which makes me feel good that we are another step closer to home. Tomorrow Taite's visa will be ready to be picked up and then on Thursday it is time for home. After our appointment our guide took us to the Sun Yat Sen memorial hall. Being a social studies teacher I thought this place would be a great place to see. It was a beautiful building and a very reasonably priced entrance fee only about a buck fifty in USD. I was hoping more of the information would have been in English but it was still a beautiful place and luckily our guide was able to tell us information about some of the displays. It is definitely worth a quick visit if you are in this area.

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