Sunday, March 31, 2013

Safari Park Zoo

Today was probably the best day we had in China in terms of doing something fun. Our guide took us to the Safari park zoo here in Guangzhou. It was such an awesome place. When your first enter the park it takes you on a tram ride to see animals. I have done other safaris like this before but I will say this one really was great. Then from there you get off and there is a whole park to walk through waiting for you. It was amazing to see pandas, koalas, white kanagaroos, they even had a dinosaur exhibit that was really cool. I was just so amazed and impressed. I think what made it so impressive was the fact that the animals were kept  really well and it was a zoo that quite honestly exceeded even American zoos that I have been to. They seemed to care for the animals and they weren't confined. They also had a nursery with incubators for little animals. I honestly could have spent more time there if it did not start to rain. I also wish all my kids would have been here to enjoy it with us because I know that they all would have loved it.
After that Taite crashed and we came back to the room before dinner. We are still having some fits and today she had one right before we were leaving for dinner. It just seems that about once a day she needs to have a melt down. Language and age are a barrier to our communication so I think this is her way of grieving. She is super attached to me but I am sure it is still scary in her mind that for only a week she has been away from the place she called home for the last two years.
We then went to dinner with a group of our new friends that we have made here. As great as all that was Taite has major issues with strangers and we are having a difficult time dining with people because she turns away and will not look at anyone. What ends up happening is that she stays facing my chest and eats while she hides her face. When people try to talk to her she cries. I am not quite sure why she is so shy and scared of strangers. I am hoping that we really can move beyond her fears because she has 5 brothers and sisters at home and a daddy to meet and I really don't want her to totally reject them now that she has had me alone for this long. beyond her being scared of everyone dinner was great and I think we have made some great friends that we can stay in touch with once we all hit the states.
Safari Park Zoo

My first Carousel Ride

Dinner with our new friends

White Kangaroos

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