Saturday, March 30, 2013


Yeah we have been in Guanghzhou since yesterday. It is a nice feeling knowing that you are close to bringing your child home. Plus it is nice to have people to talk to since in Hohhot most people did not speak english.
But I guess to catch up we arrived here late yesterday afternoon. The flight went pretty well for Taite and we only cried at the beginning because she was so tired. She took a nap and woke up and all was good. We are staying at the Garden Hotel and I must say it is pretty amazing. We have a two room suite so that was totally unexpected. I also have a pretty swanky bathroom so all in all it is pretty nice. Last night was pretty low key and since the friends I had made were not here Taite and I ventured out alone and ate at an Italian restuarant. She definitely is a strange eater for a toddler because I ordered some calamari and fried shrimp and she chowed down. Then (thank goodness) I went to starbucks. I was thrilled that there is one right across the street. I threw out my typically no caffeine after lunch rule for myself and splurged on a frappucino at 7:00 at night. Luckily I still managed to go to sleep last night.
Today we went to breakfast and met several other people with children. It was awesome being able to talk to other people. From there we had to do Taite's medical. She was not a happy camper. She already is terrified of strangers and for the last blood test they take the babies alone. Yeah! she screamed. After that our guide took us and the other family from our agency to an awesome lunch. I was so fortunate to have great company for lunch and good food. I was even brazen and tried the goat dish our guide ordered. It tasted like beed and honestly I really wouldn't have known any different if she didn't tell us. Taite also ate a big lunch and tried virtually everything on the table.
Tonight we also got to eat dinner with our new friends jacqueline and Gavin. I am so happy we got to meet them in Hohhot and hopefully when we do head up to New Jersey and New York to visit our family we will be popping in to say hello to them as well. Tomorrow we have a big day planned since our guide is taking us to the Safari Park Zoo. I am pretty excited and hopefully Taite will love it.
The View from our room

Bad Hair Day

New Friends Taite and Jason

Making noodles

An apple a day keeps the doctor away

I can brush my teeth

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