Thursday, March 28, 2013

Inner Mongolian Museum

Today started off being a pretty quiet day. We ate breakfast, played, ate lunch, and then napped. After Taite's nap our guide's dad (she apparently had to pick up the passport) took us to the inner Mongoliam museum. It was nice to finally get to do something that didn't entail local shopping or eating at the hotel. I have to say it was a beautiful museum and had some really interesting Chinese and Mongolian history. Taite was a bit young to get any of it but of course the social studies teacher in me loved it. I know Keith would have loved it too and it stinks that he is not here to experience any of it with us.
Tomorrow we leave for Guangzhou. Thank goodness. I feel like we are one step closer to home. I cannot wait to see Keith and the kids because this feels like an eternity without them. Today we got to facetime with them since Keith was home from work and has an I-phone and it was nice to get to see all of them. I know they miss us and we miss them.
Taite also is picking up a little english. She now can say no no, she did say button that one night and I haven't gotten that word back out of her, she can say mama and she did say her name at dinner tonight a bit. She seems to be understanding me too. Tonight when I said let's go take your bath she just strolled into the bathroom. When I tell her that we need to put on her shoes she goes to get them. She seems to be a pretty smart kid. We are still having bouts of sadness. Today she had 2 of them. She just out of nowhere will start crying and go stand by the door. I am not quite sure what she is thinking when she does it but it is saddening to watch. I expected a hard transition and beyond those occasional episodes she really is doing well. I know we will also have some big adjustments when we get home but we will take everything one step at a time.

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